Supervisory Board

Good Advice in all Situations

Melles & Stein has been trading as a publicly listed company since 2008. The shares of Melles & Stein AG are not publicly traded but are kept 100% in family ownership. The reason behind this company structure was not to hand over responsibility; on the contrary, it was to stay permanently independent and to keep a firm grip of the reins of the company.

The executive board is supported by the supervisory board which is formed by the fathers of the company’s founders and Ms Melles’ former business coach.


Katrin Grunert-Jäger, chairwoman of the supervisory board

The long-standing interim manager and lawyer brings valuable strategic impetus to the company.

Harald Wolf, member of the supervisory board

The lawyer uses his solid knowledge to help Melles & Stein grow – not only in legal matters.

Ralf-Thomas Becker, member of the supervisory board

Mr. Becker, who holds a masters’ degree in business administration, is executive director at Expo Display Service GmbH, a internationally active trade fair construction with 12 locations in seven european countries. He advises the company on the basis of his many years of industry knowledge.

Katrin Grunert-Jäger

Harald Wolf

Ralf-Thomas Becker




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