KEUCO Personal by Melles und Stein


Worked together
since 2010

Trade Fairs
ISH Frankfurt, SHK, Essen, IFH Nürnberg SHKG Hamburg

Size of stand
150 - 700 m²

Biggest joint project
ISH Frankfurt


Our contribution 

  • 22 hostesses and hosts for all areas, 2 cooks
  • Food and beverage catering for crew and customers
  • Catering for the crew setting up the stand and the "kick-off" stage
  • Press conference
  • Last-minute party for watching the football
  • Cocktails, fresh juices
  • Water bottles with the client logo
  • Equipment
  • Planning the design of the kitchens



As a high-quality supplier, Keuco places much importance on first-class quality. The trade fair stands impress with their sophisticated design. Everything must be first-class and every little detail has to be right, including the service personnel and catering. 



“Dear Ms Melles,

After this year's ISH, I would like to thank you and your team for your repeated and magnificent support once again. Personal cooperation before a trade fair is always quicker by telephone, including finding fast and pragmatic solutions to unresolved issues. That's how I prefer to work and you do your part in this very much too. It's nice that we both speak the same language.

My most cordial thanks go also to our chief hostess Sheela and head barman Erman. Like last year, both made sure that the service was excellent. And while not a matter of course, I would like to make special mention of the fact that you were personally present at the ISH until it ended. When I arrived the day before, everything was in place and ready to go! Except for a few exceptions ;-), I did not have to worry about anything to do with hospitality, either while the stand was being set up or during the fair. You took the whole load off my shoulders. This is how it is supposed to be and how it should be in future. I look forward to working with you at forthcoming trade fairs.

Best regards"

Barbara Rohe
Secretariat of the management


KEUCO by Melles und Stein
KEUCO Personal by Melles und Stein
KEUCO Team by Melles und Stein
KEUCO Kellnerin by Melles und Stein
KEUCO Catering by Melles und Stein
KEUCO Service by Melles und Stein
KEUCO Catering-Service by Melles und Stein
KEUCO Bar by Melles und Stein



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