Nachhaltiger Messeauftritt

Sustainable presence

From zero to four hundred - that's what it felt like for melles & stein to restart the trade fair industry in April 2022. From then on, it was hit after hit and there was hardly any time to catch our breath - let alone think about new concepts or strategies. But fortunately, we had already used the two years of the lockdown to do just that. Despite all our worries about our industry, we quickly realized that this was also an opportunity to change things for the better. By the time the lockdown started again, we wanted to have taken important steps in terms of sustainability so that we could offer our customers well thought-out solutions. 

Along the way, we had to find sustainable alternatives for our entire food and beverage catering product range. Reducing packaging waste, short delivery routes, products in organic quality, dispensing with plastic, disposables only made from renewable raw materials if at all - many aspects had to be taken into account. All this required extensive research and many discussions with our long-standing suppliers.

Now we are able to offer our customers sustainable trade fair catering as a modular principle. Not every customer can or wants to change everything right away and starts with one component. So together we move step by step in the right direction.





With heart and soul